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September 11

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, U.S.A.

September 11 dealt a stunning blow to the American psyche. Local and national news commentators urged us to respond to the call for blood donations. Tuesday night I told my husband, “We’ve got to go tomorrow.”

We couldn’t believe what awaited us when we reached our local Red Cross. It might be eight hours before we reached the head of the line. While we waited, I saw the face of America around me.

I saw young and old, women with children, Generation-Xers in T-shirts and tattoos, veterans, people leaning on canes and in wheelchairs, waiting to give what they had.

We were just Americans, doing what we do. We sang to the music from the speakers and we laughed, because Americans are people who love to laugh. We made friends and discovered common ground. Our hearts were broken, but our spirit was roaring back. We had a common purpose and a common goal. We were once again the UNITED States.

Susan Halm, edited by Joyce Schowalter

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