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September 13

After a long flight from Boston, I finally landed in Houston well after midnight. My friend Scott, who works at a large hotel chain, had held the “sleeping room” for me at another hotel. At 2:45 in the morning the desk clerk ushered me into a room that must have been 2,500 square feet. Scott had “stuck” me in the presidential suite!

On the coffee table was an assortment of beer, and tequila, a bowl of corn chips, a gallon of salsa and two pounds of guacamole.

I called the front desk. “I cannot possibly eat or drink all this stuff. Can you send someone up to help?”

All through the night, security guards, housekeepers, kitchen staff and even the front-desk clerk rotated through the suite to join the feeding frenzy.

As I was preparing for my business meeting, I learned it had been canceled, and the budget for the entire program had been eliminated. Then the bill was slipped under the door.


My heart stopped. But at the bottom were the signatures of all the staff who had joined me and a stamp that read: PAID.

Jim Feldman

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