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September 14

When I became pregnant with our fifth child, we decided to have all four of our children present during the birth of this new baby . . . if they wanted to be.

We explained how we might have to wake them in the middle of the night. We told them they had to be very respectful of what was going on, and if they were uncomfortable to just leave the room and wait nearby. We explained how the baby might not look like what they would expect. They were keen and excited about being there.

We found a doctor who supported and was in full agreement with our unusual family plan, and then the big night finally arrived.

Our kids gasped in awe as the baby’s head crowned. Then the full body appeared, and the doctor shouted,“It’s a boy!”

The bond between the children and the new baby is phenomenal. There is no rivalry or jealousy. They simply adore him for the special person he is, and all because we invited them, and shared with them, the very special event of Levi’s birth.

Dawn and Tim Johnson

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