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September 18

When our daughter Meegan lost her front tooth at the age of six, we found the following note wrapped around the tiny tooth:

Der Tooth Fary. Pleze leve me yor majik wand. I can hep. I want to be a tooth fary too.

Luv Meegan

The “Tooth Fary” left the following note:

You are too young for the job just now, so I cannot give you my wand. But there are some things that you can start to do to prepare yourself for the job:

1) Always do your best in every job that you do.

2) Treat all people as you wish to be treated.

3) Be kind and helpful to others.

4) Always listen carefully whenever people speak to you.

Meegan took the message to heart and carefully followed the instructions, always working to improve as she grew. By the time she was 27, she was top manager of a company.

She told me the company president had one day asked what influences had motivated her.

She replied, “My parents, my teacher and my friends. And, of course, the Tooth Fairy!”

Suzanne Moustakas

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