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September 23

Every year my birthday followed the same ritual. I would open the door, and my mother would be standing on the step with wind swirling leaves around her feet.

There would be a chill in the air, and in her hands she would hold my birthday gift. It would always be something small and precious, something I had needed for a long time and just never knew it.

I would open this gift with great care, then I would tuck it carefully away with all my heart’s possessions.

If my mother could come to me today on my birthday, I would bring her into the warmth of my kitchen. Then we would have a cup of tea. There would be no rush to open my gift, because today I would know that I had already opened it when I opened the front door to find her there.

Christina Keenan

The presence of a loved one is the most
important gift a person can receive.

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