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September 24

When my wife Peggy and I quit our jobs to teach in Lima, Peru, most of our colleagues and friends simply thought we were crazy. Then we started hearing the other comment: “We almost quit our jobs and traveled.” We knew what we were doing was right.

For over a year, we boiled every drop of water we drank. We dodged rats in the streets during early morning jobs. When earthquakes racked our apartment, we huddled in the doorway, listening to the prayers screamed in Spanish outside.

Bu we also slept in ancient ruins while hiking the Inca Trail, climbed mountains and jumbled glaciers, and soaked in natural hot springs.

After 18 months overseas, we arrived home with no money. But our riches included a shelf of ragged guidebooks, a trunk of well-worn maps, two minds filled with memories and no urge to say, “We almost did that.”

Steve Gardiner

Follow your wishes and dreams today
so that tomorrow you don’t have to say,
“I wish I did that.”

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