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September 27

When she was 35, Caren suffered a brain hemorrhage. Doctors warned it could happen again. Especially if she got pregnant.

She and Eric had been looking forward to starting a family. Since her health problems weren’t genetic, Caren suggested they try to find a surrogate. They passed the word through the family, and on Caren’s thirty-sixth birthday, Eric’s sister announced she would be honored to carry their baby for them.

Caren and Eric accompanied Jan to every doctor’s appointment. The women shopped together for maternity outfits, and Caren celebrated every new milestone. In the delivery room, Caren and Eric stood on either side of Jan, holding her hands and helping her with her breathing. They named him Blake Jan, in honor of the woman who had made it all possible.

“How can I ever thank you enough for what you’ve done?” Caren sobbed as she and Eric prepared to take their baby home.

“Enjoy your baby,” came Jan’s simple, heartfelt reply.

Heather Black

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