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October 2

I first met Sheba when I was a third-grade student. She was a seven-week-old kitten in a pet-shop window. Through the glass, we concluded that we were made for each other.

Unfortunately, Mom and Dad didn’t think much of my plans. To them a kitten was something you can get for free at any barn, not something you had to pay two dollars and fifty cents for.

However, after a lot of kid whining and with a chunk of “birthday money,” Sheba was mine. I was an instant hit with her, and the feeling was mutual.

Through junior high, high school and college she remained a close feline friend and was largely respon-sible for my deciding to pursue a career as a veterinarian.

Sheba was 22 years old on the day I opened my veterinary hospital for cats only. But Mom and Dad brought her to see me for another reason. She had become quite ill, and I could see the situation was hopeless. We had the last of our long conversations as she fell gently asleep in my arms.

Michael A. Obenski

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