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October 7

Eve Jesson had been widowed at 70 and had a stroke at age 74. Her daughter urged Mrs. Jesson to join their household, but she gently refused and moved into a nursing home where I was a caregiver.

It was difficult for us to find her a suitable companion to share the two-person bedroom. Margaret Gravelle seemed a more suitable roommate than many others.

Mrs. Jesson had to remind Margaret of mealtimes and guide her to the dining room. Margaret could not grasp the notion that only one of the closets was hers, and sometimes put on Mrs. Jesson’s clothes. Margaret also woke her several times during the night when she got confused.

The day came when we arranged to admit a lady we thought would be a better companion for Mrs. Jesson. We told her we would have to arrange to move Margaret first.

Later in the day, Mrs. Jesson came down to my desk. “Maybe I’m meant to look out for Margaret. I can give her some of the comfort my family gives me. Leave Margaret in my room. It won’t take that much effort to watch over her a bit.”

Marian Lewis

However long you live, there is always one
more task that needs to be completed.
That’s what keeps you going.

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