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October 9

When Cori was six, her father and I divorced. Not long afterward, I fell into a life of addiction. Sickness was all I could offer her at the time, yet she never wavered in her love for me. Cori died on her birthday, one of eight teenagers who died in a head-on collision on a sparkling summer day.

It would be a neat and tidy story to say that Cori’s death sobered me up. Instead, I redoubled my drug taking and pursued several more years of addiction before I finally sought treatment.

One of the stops on my journey was the coroner’s office where I had last seen Cori. That she had died quickly was important for me to know. That she had not been drinking meant a great deal to me.

Wanting to feel her presence again, I went to the accident site. As I stood praying, I heard a faint crunch under one foot. There, sticking out of the dirt, were Cori’s rosary beads.

Chris Lloyd

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