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October 10

I was deep in thought, working on editing a draft, when my five-year-old son, Jake, came into my office. When I finished my thought, I glanced over at him.“Yes, Jake? What do you need, honey?”

“I want to make a ’pottment,” he replied.

“What do you mean—an appointment?” I asked him.

His lips quivered, and his words gushed forth. “So you can talk to me, and write about me, and play with me, and make yellow sticky notes that say Jake on ’em . . . and so you won’t ever forget me.”

I reached for my son and pulled him close.

Long after he was tucked in bed that night, I began a new project—a short picture book that consisted of nothing more than photos, captions and a simple story line.

The next morning I called Jake to me. He began flipping through the pages of photos of our special times as I read the words aloud. “Wow!” Jake said. “You’re a real writer, huh, Mom?”

I said,“I guess so.”

“I know what writers do,” claimed Jake. “They make people feel good with words. That’s cool!”

Valerie Hutchins

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