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October 11

Little Lucy (at least that’s what we’ll call her) had never been to kindergarten before. She was thrilled by the activities, the children, the classroom— and especially the noise. Her parents were deaf, and every conversation was conducted in sign language. Now Lucy was getting to talk!

As the holidays approached, dozens of tiny hands were traced onto colorful paper. Hundreds of tiny fingers were cut out, and the handprints were taped on the door. Lucy loved the tracing and the cutting. She worked on it at home and brought the best hand of all to take to her teacher.

“Do you like it?” Lucy asked eagerly.

“Yes, honey, but there are some fingers missing. Did something happen?”

It was obvious that the thumb, index finger and pinky finger had been cut with perfection. The other two, however, had been cut off at the palm.

“Yes, teacher, I wanted to give you my best hand—the one that says ‘I love you.’”

And that’s exactly what it did say—in sign language.

Suzanne Boyce

Communicate your feelings
in whatever language you know.

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