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October 15

I am a single mother of two. When my oldest child started school, I was like all mothers: I felt as if someone just snatched him from me, and I would never have his full attention and dependence again.

I had a lot of time to share with my youngest child, who is three years younger. I had him at my side tugging at my shirt strings for three years. Where I went he went.

One morning I came home from work, exhausted, changed out of my uniform and slipped into the car to get errands done before getting a few hours of sleep. My last stop was at Kmart where I was looking for a red T-shirt to match the shorts I had bought Jeremy for school.

I spotted the perfect shirt, turned around to tell him, and he was gone. I looked for him, called his name, but he never answered. I was panicking, screaming his name. By this time, a policeman was asking me questions.“Ma’am, what was he wearing?”

I started telling him, then turned red with embarrassment. “I am so sorry,” I exclaimed.“He started kindergarten today.”

Patsy Hughes

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