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October 16

Deep in the mire of love, my younger sister was gushing about an all-important date—she and Mr. Be-All-End-All’s first anniversary of dating. She was in a state—would he remember, would he forget? Of course, he was going to forget. He was a guy.

As was my custom, I headed home the following Friday that, as the fates would have it, was the day. I stopped by the high school and talked with my sister. No card, no acknowledgment. She was crushed.

I sought out the tarnished hero. I mentioned that I knew the importance of the day and that I happened to have a lovely arrangement of flowers sitting in my vehicle. A lifeline was thrown to him.

That evening my reenchanted sister told how he had asked her to go for a ride with him to his parents’ house where he had a bouquet of absolutely beautiful flowers waiting for her.

That was eight years ago. On August 1, my sister and Mr. Be-All-End-All celebrated their third wedding anniversary. My part in their romance was miniscule, but it made my sister happy and that’s the only thing that matters.

Chera Lee Bammerlin

Never underestimate the power of love.

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