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October 17

On a weekend off, my husband and I headed for the Cubs ballpark via the train. As we arrived at the final station, the conductor hustled us to the door. On the way, I glimpsed some people huddled around a man lying limply in his seat. I told the conductor I was a nurse and offered to help.

“I don’t need a nurse,” he snapped. “I need a medic!”

I abruptly elbowed my way through the crowd. “Help me sit him up,” I instructed the bystanders, as I loosened his collar and tie. I quickly did a jaw thrust and tilted his head to the side. With a wadded tissue from my pocket, I cleared his mouth and throat, and a thump on the shoulder caused him to take in a big breath of air. Within seconds, his color changed and his eyes opened.

As I returned to my husband, I stared at the conductor.

He stammered, “I guess a nurse is what I needed after all.”

Barbara A. Brady

Professionalism under stress earns respect.

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