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October 24

Emergency-room personnel transported him to the cardiac floor. Definitely an untouchable!

One of the true marks of a leader is to do the unthinkable. To tackle the impossible. It was Bonnie, the head nurse, who said,“I want this patient myself.”

As she donned her latex gloves and proceeded to bathe this huge, filthy man, her heart almost broke. Then, on a whim she said, “We don’t have time for back rubs much in hospitals these days, but I bet one would really feel good. It would help you relax your muscles and start to heal.”

His thick, scaly, ruddy skin told a story of an abusive lifestyle. The finale—warmed lotion and baby powder. Almost laughable—such a contrast on this huge, rugged surface. As he rolled over onto his back, tears rolled down his cheek. “No one has touched me for years.” His chin trembled.“Thank you. I am healing.”

Naomia Rhode

A simple touch can start the healing.

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