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October 26

Every morning our dog, Brownie, was let out by the first person who got up. When we called him back in, he’d usually come running . . . but not on this particular Sunday. We called and coaxed, but Brownie was nowhere to be found. We gave up and headed off to church.

We got settled in, with Mother at the organ. As the mini-ster began his sermon, we kids heard a scratching at the church door, which was followed by the plaintive sound of a lonely dog howling. Only one dog in the neighborhood made that sound.

The minister signaled the usher to shoo the dog away, but he was not quick enough for Brownie, who bounded in and strolled up the aisle to where Mother sat at the organ. Then he just plopped down and sat quietly.

There were many Sundays when Brownie repeated his demonstrations of religious piety and family loyalty. And since Brownie lived to be 19 years old, quite a few preachers got used to having that little brown dog interrupt their Sunday services.

Evelyn Olson

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