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October 27

In today’s society, it seems the major criteria for receiving megadollar salaries seem to be determined by how much the audience will pay to watch the performer achieve.

Then why choose teaching for a career?

My family was gathered for a leisurely summer barbecue. Dessert was being served when the phone rang. My husband handed it to me, saying, “They’re looking for Bonnie Block.”

“Is this the Bonnie Block who used to teach kindergarten?” the voice on the other end of the line asked.

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

“I am Danielle—Danielle Russ. I was in your kindergarten class. I’m graduating from high school this year, and I have been trying to find you. I wanted you to know what a difference you made in my life.”

She proceeded to give details of how I made that difference. My influence wasn’t limited to kindergarten. When she needed a coach to help her meet a challenge, “I pictured you praising and encouraging me all the way.”

Why choose teaching?

The pay is great!

Bonnie Block

When choosing a career, consider that the pay
doesn’t always come in the form of money.

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