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October 30

Anearly full moon hangs low on the horizon. My footsteps stir the fallen leaves. I’m 10 years old and responsible enough to use matches un-supervised to light a pumpkin I carved by myself with a real knife. I’ll even be trick-or-treating with friends and not parents for the first time in my life.

Twenty-five years later, a nearly full moon hangs low on the horizon on a Halloween evening. I’m in a different house in a different state, but the smells are the same. As usual, I am the self-appointed lighter-of-pumpkins, and this year my own children are old enough to be interested in my ritual.“When will we be big enough to do it?” one of my three-year-olds wants to know.

“Maybe when you’re ten,” I say, remembering.

Pretty soon we’re shrieking, laughing, howling, cavorting in the mist and the moonlight. “Mommy! Look how big we are!”

And they, newly big, and I, newly little, dance on in the shadows of our common ground, intoxicated on the smell of scorched pumpkin.

Karen C. Driscoll

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