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October 31

If you have spell-checked, rewritten at least 20 times, followed guidelines, submitted to the appropriate market and spelled the editor’s name correctly, you could be the lucky one to hear from him by phone. So be ready.

We were still on the ranch my first time. I was filling the water tanks in my chicken coop when the jingle came from the barn. I bolted the door, latched it behind me and 11 rings later grabbed the phone.

“Hello,” said the voice on the line. “This is Philip Osborne from the Reader’s Digest. We’d like to reprint your story that appeared in Arizona magazine.”

By the time I found Bill out on “the north forty,” it was late afternoon, but I had to tell someone. That’s when I remembered the hose. I dashed to the coop and lifted the latch. The door flew open, and a four-foot tidal wave of straw, feathers, manure, chicken feed and half-drowned chickens flooded the barnyard. No eggs that month! But Reader’s Digest bought my story.

Penny Porter

If you’ve been working hard,
don’t be surprised when success
calls—be prepared.

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