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November 1

I had said good-bye to my husband, Joe, so often, but this time was different. We now had our first child.

On Joe’s last evening at home, I bathed little Joey, got him into his sleeper and was heading to the bedroom when Joe gently lifted the baby from my arms. He wanted to tuck Joey in tonight.

When a half hour went by and he had not come back, I tiptoed to the baby’s room and peeked in.

Sitting in the rocking chair, moving slowly back and forth, was my husband, stifling quiet sobs. His pained eyes met mine, and after a moment he mumbled, “I just can’t put him down.”

Joey is six now, and he has a four-year-old brother. There have been many farewells since that night, yet my military hero still fights back tears when it’s time to leave and give his boys that last, long hug good-bye.

Julie Angelo

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