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November 2

In my grandmother’s small kitchen, I watched her scurry back and forth from stove to sink, wiping, straightening . . . Two days before, my grandfather and the love of her life for 58 years had died.

Suddenly, her movements slowed, then she reached behind the toaster and picked up a small vase of cheap plastic flowers. She wiped them off with her towel, then placed the faded arrangement on the tiny table. “I can put my flowers anywhere I want now,” she said.

Only days away from her eightieth birthday, she was abut to embark on a journey that would be painfully lonely for a while, but that would eventually lead her to discover the woman she’d left at the altar 58 years ago.

It has been four years since my grandfather passed away, and since then I’m amazed at the woman my grandmother has become. This journey has changed her. Her house is filled with colorful things. Her clothing has become bright and busy. She belongs to a pinochle club and walks three miles a day with her exercise buddies.

She still misses my grandfather, but now she is just doing what comes naturally. Living.

Christie Craig

Do what comes naturally.

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