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November 5

I was 41 years old and didn’t know how to tell Mum, who had survived the Great Depression, that I was buying an old Volkswagen convertible. I drove home with the top down and parked it squarely in the drive. I helped my mother out of her chair and supported her frail body as we walked to the door.

“Oh, my Lord . . . ,” she paused. “What a cute little jalopy! Can we go for a ride?”

She was hooked after the first mile.“Doesn’t this make you feel young?” And in my mind’s eye, I saw a truly beautiful young woman, not a fragile, ailing 76-year-old. That first week I purchased a heated lap blanket. I would bundle up Mum, toss the blanket over her, and we’d be off. “What a great contraption this is,” she’d say with a smile in her voice.“It makes me feel so alive.”

Climbing into that little rig enriched the last two years of our lives together. Now my first and last ride of the convertible season is always taken alone. I drop the ragtop and as I drive off, I hear her words in the air beside me: “What a great contraption this is. . . . ”

Dorothy Raymond Gilchrest

Doing something simple
with someone you care about
can create lasting memories.

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