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November 9

Going back to college full-time as a single parent of two had been a difficult choice. But I didn’t want to be a welfare mom. Yet without emotional and family support, I had found this to be a journey of being alone, feeling alone and doing it alone. Tonight it hit me all at once. It was too difficult to pay all the bills, take care of the children, study for exams.

My cries must have woken my son because he appeared before me, his eyes filled with concern. “I just find it hard sometimes to take care of you guys and go to college at the same time,” I said. My voice broke, “Just tired, I guess.”

He came closer and said very quietly, “God made the whole world, Mom. And he’s a single parent.”

“P. J., that’s wonderful! I’m going to put that saying on— just everything!”

After exams were over, I made good on my promise. With the help of a friend, I ordered one thousand coffee mugs; I had them printed with the words,“God Is a Single Parent, Too!” and handed them out to all the single parents I knew.

Tina Fenech

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