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November 14

Since my husband and I had chosen not to learn the sex of our first child, we decided we would ask the sex of our second child at the seven-month ultrasound. We already had a happy, healthy four-year-old-son, and although I kept telling myself that it didn’t really matter, secretly I longed for a daughter.

The morning of my ultrasound, I was a nervous wreck. The tech began to describe everything as normal and then, a dramatic pause, “I can definitely tell . . . it’s a boy.”

I am human enough to admit that I was disappointed at first. Then something happened that changed my perspective for the good. Our dearest friends who were in the same stage of pregnancy called to say they were experiencing complications. We cried and prayed with and for them.

As I drove to work the next morning, I knew the answer to the impending question:Yes, I do know what it is. It is a gift. It is life. It is healthy; it is whole. It is laughter; it is joy. It is part of me. It is my son.

Kelli S. Jones

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