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November 19

Today marks six months that my son’s daddy has been deployed to Southwest Asia. But I’ve spent most of my life in a uniform that matches his.

We met during Desert Shield and have been through several deployments and many “TDY” trips apart from each other. We joined to serve our country and have given a combined 50 years of service to a land in which the passing flag still brings a tear to our eyes.

My husband told me last night that we would soon have to make the important decision of whether to stay in or retire for good. I tried to explain our options to our son, sure that he would say how much he missed his daddy and how much he wants him to come home.

He said, “My daddy is a great leader. He’d look good with a star.”

I realized that he is the bravest, most dedicated one of all. It is he who has made the greatest sacrifice so his daddy can protect others.

Terry Hurley

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