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November 20

Idrove home from work that day wholly unprepared for what was awaiting me at home. Corey, my oldest at 21, followed me into the kitchen. He looked like a terrified little boy turning to his mommy to make things all better.

“Who’s pregnant, Corey?” I asked.

He lowered his head.“Deanna.”

Deanna was three months pregnant, and to compound a difficult situation, she and Corey had broken up a month earlier. He told me that as much as they yearned to be able to parent their child, they knew they were not ready, so they had decided on adoption.

They chose a couple who already had one adopted daughter. They agreed to give Corey and Deanna updates on the baby’s progress.

When my grandson was born, I was filled with love and excitement one moment, sadness and loss the next. I bought a ceramic cherub for him, a guardian angel to watch over him since we wouldn’t be able to.

It has been three years now, and my grandson, Tye, is doing wonderfully with his adoptive parents. I think of him every day and carry his photo in my wallet to remind me of my precious grandson and my incredible, loving son.

Debbie Rikley

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