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November 24

My firstborn has turned into a loving, well-adjusted man, I realize—marveling that he even survived his adolescence with a crumbling marriage as a backdrop and a controlling father for an antagonist. And today, we are getting ready to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

Mike’s step on the stairs interrupts my reverie. He plants a kiss on my cheek and presents me with an unwrapped box filled with travel brochures for the Hawaiian Islands. I almost made it to the islands three years ago, but my mother became ill and I had to cancel my flight.

“I can’t wait to read these at my leisure.”

“Have a look now,” he insists.

I work through the brochures and find an envelope at the bottom of the stack. I gasp as I open the envelope to find a gift certificate for an open-ended, prepaid, roundtrip airline ticket to Oahu.

“I can’t accept this from you.” My voice crept to a whisper. “You work too hard for your money.”

“Mom, who deserves it more than you?”

Barbara Feder Mendel

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