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November 27

Thanksgiving Day had arrived in New England. My 12-year-old twins and I had recently moved to a Boston suburb while adjusting to a painful divorce. We had been invited to spend the holiday with a deacon’s family from our church.

We enjoyed the day along with another guest named Tinker, who was unusually quiet. Our host excused himself after pumpkin pie to give Tinker a ride home. Soon after, we left, too.

As Christmas drew near, I wondered how I would buy the gifts the children wanted and a tree and food for dinner. A friend helped us cut a small, spindly Christmas tree. I had saved a chicken in the freezer for dinner.

Four days later, I pulled a bundle of letters from the mailbox. A small envelope with no return address caught my eye. In it was a card and four hundred-dollar bills.

The children grew up and left home. I remarried. When we attended my son’s graduation, we visited the deacon who had welcomed us that Thanksgiving. I told the story of the anonymous blessing. He said, “That young man, Tinker, was a convicted murderer serving a life sentence. He asked me to come by the prison and pick up some money for you and the children. He gave you all he had.”

Judith Gillis

Human kindness and compassion
can work through anyone.

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