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November 29

My family was separated and placed into foster care when I was five years old. We grew up in separate homes, never knowing each other. The only memory that remained of my family was of a tall, slender woman always being there to comfort me.

On my forty-fifth birthday, a card arrived in the mail with a return name and address of someone I didn’t recognize. The short note read, “I was thinking of you on your birthday. Mom.”

For two weeks the card lay on the table, tearing at my heart. Finally, summoning up my courage, I got her number and dialed. Just as I was about to hang up, a voice from the past said,“Hello.” It was my older sister. Mom had died two weeks after sending the card.

As we talked, reacquainting ourselves, I asked what my mom looked like. My sister told me she was a very short, stocky lady. Then who was the tall, slender woman that I remembered?

Our life began returning to me. For two years my older sister was the one caring for us. “By the way,” I asked before hanging up, “how tall are you?”

She answered, “Five-foot-nine.”

Nora Steuber-Tamblin

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