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November 30

Ayear after my mother died, I faced my first Christmas without her, and my sadness dampened the day’s usual excitement. I was supposed to be at my best friend Rebecca’s house for dinner, but I chose not to leave the shelter of my small apartment. My eyes were red and sore from the tears that would not stop.

I must have drifted off to sleep, for I awakened when someone pounded at the front door. I looked through the window and saw Rebecca’s car parked out front.

“Girlfriend!” she shouted.“I know you’re in there.”

“Leave me alone!” I shouted back.

I heard paper rustling as she slid something under the door. When I was sure she had left, I retrieved the small square package. It contained a gold pen, a journal and a bookmark with a note on it:

Dear Sister Friend,

My words won’t heal the pain. But your own words can.



Over the following months, my emotions took refuge within the pages of the book. As I healed, I understood the incredible friendship Rebecca and I shared. When I pushed her away, she found a way to help me communicate my grief.

S. A. (Shae) Cooke

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