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December 1

Sid taught the staff and patients alike that there’s room for life and laughter in a hospice. He was a born actor with a wonderful sense of theater. Often he played to the gallery, which in this case was the three other patients who shared the same room.

One morning, I was giving out the medication when he hoisted himself onto his elbows, looked across the room and muttered, “What day is it today?”

I answered, “Palm Sunday.”

“Then today is a good day to die,” and he fell back on the bed. A few seconds later, he popped open his eyes, looked at me and sighed.

Later that same week, he decided to give a repeat performance. “What day is it today?” he asked.

“It’s Good Friday.”

Without looking up from his book, his roommate muttered loudly, “I hope to God he doesn’t die today—he might rise again on Sunday!”

Dennis Sibley as told to Allen Klein

Look for humor in a sad situation,
and you will find it.

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