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December 5

For months, we looked forward to the new baby sister. When the day finally arrived, my husband rushed me to the hospital, while my in-laws got the boys ready to go meet their little sister.

With a piercing scream, Becky came into the world and was just as beautiful as we had imagined. My husband rushed out the delivery-room door to get the boys while the nurse pushed Becky and me into the hallway.

“Brad and Chad, this is Becky,” Roy proudly announced.

I noticed Chad wiping tears from his eyes and looking all around.

“What’s wrong, Chad?” I asked.

“Where’s my little sister? Becky is Brad’s sister; Candy was supposed to be mine.”

As my in-laws left to take the boys home, Chad continued to look around for his missing baby.

For several months their bedtime prayers ended with: “Thank you for our little sister. Please give us another.”

Becky was a colicky baby. After about three months of sleepless nights, I heard the boys change their prayer slightly. “Thank you for our little sister, but we don’t need another one.”

Nancy B. Gibbs

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