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December 6

As a child I spent hours in my small backyard playhouse, complete with a mailbox made from a coffee can. One summer day I asked my mother if she could bring me some mail.

I busied myself until I heard her high voice call out, “Mail time.” Inside a tiny box were two sticks of Juicy Fruit gum; a square of waxed paper wrapped around a handful of chocolate chips, raisins and miniature marsh -mallows; and a new Pink Pearl eraser. There was a seed catalog, as well as three envelopes addressed to “Patty, Playhouse, Back Yard, Oregon” and posted with an S&H Green Stamp. In one was a page of notepaper.

How are you doing? It’s been beautiful weather here, though a little hot for me. I’ve been canning beans. We have a lovely, large garden, as usual. Do come visit us. You know you are always welcome.

Love, Mama.

Forty years later, remembering the mailbox, I realized that the mother who took time from her work to gather up some junk mail and trinkets to put into a package, write a personal note and deliver it, all in true play-acting style, was my special companion, even back then.

Patty Duncan

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