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December 9

My son has been deaf since birth. He was 14 when we were told he was losing his eyesight and would eventually be completely blind.

I asked Kevin, “Before things really change, what one thing do you want to see more than anything else?”

He thought for a while and then said, “A volcano . . . I want to see a volcano in Hawaii.”

I contacted an organization that fulfills the wishes of chronically and critically ill children, and within a couple of weeks we were on a plane bound for Honolulu.

On the morning of the big day, we climbed into a helicopter and headed toward the volcano. As we hovered over the cinder cone, Kevin dropped his offering for Pele, the fire goddess, as a symbol of good luck. Then he signed,“I wish she can be strong for an eruption.”

As we watched, a tiny eruption began before our very eyes—Pele’s gift to Kevin.

April MacNeil

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