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December 10

Dorothy was a mother of four young children who desperately needed the court-ordered child support from her ex-husband, already a year in arrears. Though she knew it would do no good, Dorothy went to the district attorney and swore out a complaint against her ex-husband. “That way, if he ever does get any money, I will get it,” she told a friend.

But Dorothy neither received money nor even satisfaction.

One morning she awoke with a strange sense that she should close out the complaint. He isn’t paying now, her inner voice said. You are. Because the thought persisted, she did cancel the complaint. She felt sudden relief, as if a heavy burden had been lifted. The next day Dorothy’s boss called her into the office and gave her an unexpected promotion. The net increase in salary was $100 a month more than the court-ordered child support.

Bobbie Reed

To be free, let go of the desire for revenge.

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