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December 12

It was after the hotel call, the one where a desk clerk found “no one registered under that name,” that I called my husband’s office hoping for a hotel mix-up. A few months later, my husband filed for divorce.

Several years later, I was thinking about how much pain I could have avoided. I sat down with a notepad and pen and began spilling out words of healing, a few lines at a time. When I ran out of thoughts, I stuck the pages in a desk drawer.

I took them out later and realized they read like greeting-card verses, but I had no funds to hire an artist. I put the notes back in the drawer.

Then it occurred to me that I did know one artist. I called my former husband. After hearing a few of the verses, he said he’d love to design original art and would provide the money for the printing costs as well.

I named the cards “Ex’s & Oh’s.”

My cards have been sent to spouses, children, parents, in-laws and friends going through a divorce. As one woman said,“Thank you for being a light in the darkness.”

Jan Nations

An idea that keeps presenting
itself will one day turn into reality.

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