From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

December 22

When you pack your bags to explore the beauties of your own country or to travel around the world, consider these keys to a happy journey:

Travel lightly. You are not traveling for people to see you!

Travel slowly.

Travel expectantly. Every place is like a surprise package.

Travel hopefully.

Travel humbly. Respect traditions and ways of life.

Travel courteously.

Travel gratefully.

Travel with an open mind.

Travel with curiosity.

Travel with imagination.

Travel fearlessly.

Travel relaxed.

Travel patiently. It takes time to understand others.

Travel with the spirit of a world citizen. You’ll discover that people are basically much the same the world around. Be an ambassador of goodwill to all people.

Wilferd A. Peterson, submitted by Rebecca Esparza

We are all travelers through the journey of life.

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