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December 25

The year I was seven, my mother, three brothers and I made the long drive home from Grandma’s house. Leaving us safely sleeping in the car, my mother entered our house. As soon as she opened the door, she realized we had been robbed. They had taken our tree, the presents, even the stockings.

Carrying us in one by one, my mother put us to bed. It was two in the morning, but her children were still going to have a Christmas. She would see to that.

Early Christmas morning, we hurried to the living room and stopped in the doorway, confused by the strange magic that had turned our beautiful Christmas spruce into a small, bare, pear-shaped tree leaning against the wall. My mother told us that someone really poor had needed our tree and stockings, but we were very lucky because we had one another.

After breakfast we made ornaments out of old egg cartons and cereal boxes. We laughed, sang carols and deco -rated our new tree.

Although I do not remember what I got on other Christmases, I have never forgotten the year someone stole our Christmas and gave us the unexpected gift of joyous togetherness and love.

Christina Chanes Nystrom

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