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December 26

On our way to a ski vacation, our Jeep hit black ice and rolled over. Miraculously, all of us survived the accident. The only serious injury any of us sustained was a shattered left arm—mine.

With lots of titanium in my arm and still taking an enormous amount of painkillers, I arrived at the apartment I shared with Stacey, a woman whom I barely knew.

As I learned later, Stacey sat down with David, my doctor friend who drove me home from the hospital, and questioned him about my state and my needs. She called all my girlfriends whose numbers I could find, got David to have our mutual friends call her, and within a few days, she had a very efficient operation going.

Stacey took most morning and evening shifts, did my shopping and laundry, and gave me a sponge bath every other day. I spent most of my time with Stacey.

Fully recovered now, my life is completely different. My injury took a lot out of me, but it also made me reassess my priorities and gave me a great friend who has become a cornerstone of my new life.

Monika Szamko

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