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December 27

The Bangkok airport was stifling, and I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was make my flight to Chiang Mai.

I strapped myself into my seat and saw a little boy walking hand in hand with the flight attendant toward the plane. She asked if he could sit next to me.

When the engines started to roar, I knew he was scared. I noticed he had brought a pad of paper with him, and I thought if I gave him my pen he could draw pictures to keep himself busy. He gingerly took the pen and thanked me in Thai.

I was absorbed in my materials when I felt a gentle touch on my hand. He had drawn an enchanting picture of flowers, animals and trees on the pad. We both smiled.

At snack time, we shared what we had, then I went back to my reading, and he started drawing again. Another gentle tap. To my amazement, he had drawn a perfect picture of my face.

The plane set down, and the attendant came and got the boy. I waved and held up my picture as he got off the plane and ran to meet his parents.

Nancy Mills

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