I Am . . .

I Am . . .

From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

I Am . . .

The words “I am . . .” are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you’re claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.

A. L. Kitselman

[EDITORS’ NOTE: Have you ever noticed how often people ask you what you are going to be, what you do, or what you are planning to do after college? For all of us who have suffered because what we do or who we’re going to be doesn’t cut it, here is the true answer. And let’s remember this the next time someone says, “Oh, really? Well . . . there’s nothing wrong with flipping burgers for a living. You should be proud.”]

I am an architect: I’ve built a solid foundation; and each year I go to that school I add another floor of wisdom and knowledge.

I am a sculptor: I’ve shaped my morals and philosophies according to the clay of right and wrong.

I am a painter: With each new idea I express, I paint a newhue in theworld’smultitude of colors.

I am a scientist: Each day that passes by, I gather new data, make important observations, and experiment with new concepts and ideas.

I am an astrologist: reading and analyzing the palms of life and each new person I encounter.

I am an astronaut: constantly exploring and broadening my horizons.

I am a doctor: I heal those who turn to me for consultation and advice, and I bring out the vitality in those who seem lifeless.

I am a lawyer: I’m not afraid to stand up for the inevitable and basic rights of myself and all others.

I am a police officer: I always watch out for others’ welfare and I am always on the scene preventing fights and keeping the peace.

I am a teacher: By my example others learn the importance of determination, dedication and hard work.

I am a mathematician: making sure I conquer each one of my problems with correct solutions.

I am a detective: peering through my two lenses, searching for meaning and significance in the mysteries of life.

I am a jury member: judging others and their situations only after I’ve heard and understood the entire story.

I am a banker: Others share their trust and values with me and never lose interest.

I am a hockey player: watching out for and dodging those who try to block my goal.

I am a marathon runner: full of energy, always moving and ready for the next challenge.

I am a mountain climber: Slowly but surely I am making my way to the top.

I am a tight-rope walker: Carefully and stealthily I pace myself through every rough time, but I always make it safely to the end.

I am a millionaire: rich in love, sincerity and compassion, and I own a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, experience and insight that is priceless.

Most important, I am me.

Amy Yerkes

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