My Dad

My Dad

From Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul

My Dad

When my dad left, I started to cry.
I was very sad because I thought he would die.
My mom said not to worry, and to pray.
I think about him every day.

I remember the fun we had together.
We would play forever and ever.
Together we would go to the park and walk.
Then we would have lunch and start to talk.

He always helped me with my homework.
That’s why I’m so good at my schoolwork.
In the morning he fixed my hair.
If it was messy, I did not care.

Now that he is gone, I hope he’s all right.
I cry so much, every day and night.
Now that he is gone, I hope he misses me, too.
If my dad is reading this, I just want to say
That I really love you!

Aljon B. Farin, age 7

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