The Little Notice

The Little Notice

From Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul

The Little Notice

Honesty’s the best policy.

Benjamin Franklin

Once upon a time, when I was in the sixth grade, I got a disciplinary, “Child-Has-Done-Bad” notice, “Child-Has-Been-Cutting-Up-In-Class” type notice, which was actually known as a “Yellow Slip.” I brought it home, but I was really bad about dealing with this kind of thing. My plan was to always get my disciplinary slips signed in the morning before school, right before I had to get out of the car. I would say, “Well, Dad, there’s one more thing. I got this little notice, and I need you to sign it so I can go to class.” That way, I could avoid a punishment. I was think-in’ that I was really smart!

But this particular morning, I was kind of chicken, and I just got out of the car. My father got out, too, to tell me something. I walked around to his side and showed him the little notice. He was in the middle of the street with the car still running.

I was like, “Sign it real quick,” you know. Then I began to joke around with him by saying stuff like, “Actually, it isn’t a real disciplinary notice; it’s a fake one. It’s just a test. See, see, you’re getting mad! You’re passing the test! You’re supposed to get mad—it’s a test for the parents. I’m supposed to report to my teacher, ’cause they’re looking to see if we’re having family problems and stuff like that. . . . ”

He didn’t laugh at my joking about it. He signed the little notice, but he told me that this time I wasn’t gettin’ off easy and that I was really gonna get it when I got home.

That was the longest day I’d ever gone through. The day just dragged on and on. I was thinking about all the ways that Dad could decide to punish me, like grounding me from hangin’ around with my friends, or even worse, no TV for a month. That would have killed me, ’cause I’m such a big TV head!

When my father picked me up, I tried to be a little angel, you know, hoping that he’d forget about the punishment. We got home and went in the house, and everything was cool, right? But then he says, “Alright, get upstairs and wait for me.” I was thinkin’, “OOOHHH maaan!”

Well, I didn’t lose a month of TV, but I got a spankin’ that I never forgot. It got the message across real clear, and I learned my lesson. Don’t hold out on your parents! Just go ahead and tell the truth, ’cause it shall set you free!

Kenan Thompson

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