What I’ve Learned So Far

What I’ve Learned So Far

From Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul

What I’ve Learned So Far

When you’re confused, sit down and think it through.
Ignore people who put you down.
Never, ever, ever give up on yourself.

Andrea Gwyn, age 12

If nothing is in the refrigerator, don’t eat dog food.
Never cheat because it’s not worth it.

Samantha Jean Fritz, age 9

When your dad or mom slams the door when they come home from work, it is best to stay out of their way.

If you don’t care what grades you get and do badly in school, the main words in your vocabulary will be, “Do you want fries with that?”

Michelle Nicole Rodgers, age 10

Never ask your dad to help you with a math problem. It will turn out to be a three-hour lesson.

If you have a problem or secret, share it with your mom.

Katie Adnoff, age 13

Check if there is toilet paper before you sit down.

Don’t make a bad impression on your neighbors when you first move in.

Laugh at your parents’ jokes.

Natalie Citro, age 12

When my parents are talking, not to interrupt but wait until later. Unless someone is bleeding or something.

Alle Vitrano, age 8

Read the book before you have to go in front of the class to give a report.

Never leave your little sister alone with your stuff.

Amanda Smith, age 12

If you wear a child’s extra large in clothes, an adult small is too big.

If someone dies, think about the good, not the bad. The bad will make you feel worse.

Don’t judge people by their looks. Someone could be the ugliest person in the world and still be nice.

Ashlee Gray, age 9

When your mom is mad, hide the stuff that you don’t want thrown away.

Katie Fata, age 10

When you tell a lie, you have to keep telling a lie.

When your parents get divorced, you have to move on.

Ronnie Evans, age 10

When you take off your sweatshirt, your shirt comes up.

Ben Hall, age 10

You only have one life. So be careful.

When your friends do something stupid, you don’t have to follow.

If you think something will taste bad, it will. If you think something will taste good, it might.

Maria McLane, age 9

If you write somebody’s name wrong, it makes them feel bad.

Benjamin Mitchell, age 10

A promise is a promise.
Ask before you touch something that isn’t yours.
If you make someone cry, say that you’re sorry.
You’re never too big to ask for help.
Being nice can get you somewhere.
People who do mean things to you are not your friends.
Cats are not water-resistant.
Don’t ride your bike on ice.
Never tell stuff to other friends that another friend said.
Never, ever say “I hate you.”
Take turns using stuff.
Don’t use the front brake on your bike first.
If you slow down and take your time, your work is better.
Don’t smart off to the teacher.
You will get there just as fast if you don’t push and shove, and no one will be mad at you.
Don’t tease a girl if she is wearing boots.
Wear comfortable shoes on field days.
Don’t bother Chad.

Mrs. Pat Wheeler’s fourth-grade class

Don’t get hit in the stomach right after you eat.
Don’t ever unplug the computer.
You do have a dream. . . .
Never run with your shoelaces untied.
Never throw overhand when playing egg toss.

Miss Tracey Alvey’s fourth-grade class

Never sleep with gum in your mouth.

Ashley Parole, age 12

Don’t go in somebody’s backyard that you don’t know, especially if it says “Beware of Dog.”

Nedim Pajevic, age 13

You don’t have to win a race to feel good about yourself; all you have to do is finish. Never, ever give up.

Becky Rymer, age 12

Don’t cough or sneeze in other people’s faces, especially if you don’t know them.

Karen Perdue, age 12

Pain is not good.
Girls are more important than you think.

Philip Maupin, age 13

Don’t bug your mom when she’s going to have a baby.

Elvis Hernandez, age 12

Life is like a “choose your own ending” book—you can take whatever adventures you want.

Erika Towles, age 12

Keep your room dirty so your mom will be afraid to come in, and then she won’t take your stuff.

Geoff Rill, age 12

When your mom’s on a diet, don’t eat chocolate in front of her.

Corey Schiller, age 12

Don’t mess with a kid bigger than you are.

David Neira, age 12

When my teacher gets mad, she really gets mad.
The funnier you are, the better life is.

Lauren Aitch, age 10

Moving was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

I can’t hide my lima beans in my sister’s milk cup.

Evan de Armond, age 12

Attitudes are contagious.
Don’t make fun of someone doing their best.

Mikie Montmorency, age 12

Don’t tell a teacher your dog ate your homework, especially if you don’t have a dog.

Raelyn Ritchie, age 12

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