If I Could Change the World for the Better, I Would . . .

If I Could Change the World for the Better, I Would . . .

From Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul

If I Could Change the World
for the Better, I Would . . .

Eliminate every manmade weapon and all war. I would make sure that everyone treats each other equally.

Lance Bass, *NSYNC

Find one positive thing that everyone in the world could believe in. Prove to everyone there is a common ground in all people, no matter what race, color, sex, faith, rich or poor. Bring people a little closer together, and remind them we’re all the same. Just try to make it through life as human beings, and remember that every life is just as important as the next.

J. C. Chasez, *NSYNC

Have free ice cream breaks for everybody. I would have children have more say-so in the world, and ban all guns and drugs.

Joey Fatone Jr., *NSYNC

Put a smile on everyone’s face.

Chris Kirkpatrick, *NSYNC

End racism and make equality for men and women. I would teach life through music.

Justin Timberlake, *NSYNC

Melt every cold heart and mold them into new warm ones.

Scarlett Kotlarczyk, eleven

Help people realize that people like me who learn and do things differently than them are still really the same underneath it all. We want to be liked and smiled at.

Wilson Cook, nine

Find another way to test drugs instead of using them on animals.

Brandon Barger, thirteen

Make it so every kid would have a warm meal, and no one would go starving.

Timothy Blevans, eleven

Open a house for all of the orphans of the world. I would get lots of people to help me take care of them.

Stacey Bergman, fifteen

Stop kids from making fun of other kids. Prejudice is just what we don’t need. Kids hate being ridiculed.

Rachel Force, eleven

Make people realize that it’s not what other people think of you, but what you think of yourself. You shouldn’t put yourself down when people say cruel things about you or do things to you, because they’re the ones that need a little Chicken Soup for their soul.

Sarah Hampton, fourteen

Travel back in time, and make sure the people who invented drugs and smoking never discovered or invented them.

Lisa Cline, eleven

Find a cure for diabetes. My little brother’s friend has juvenile diabetes. Every year my family “Walks for the Cure.” I wish there wasn’t such a disease because he has to take shots and stuff.

Kristin Boden, thirteen

Want everyone to keep an open mind about everything, because with an open mind, you can accomplish anything.

Annemarie Staley, fourteen

Make everything solar powered including factories, vehicles and all types of machinery. By doing this, there wouldn’t be as much air pollution and people could breathe easier.

Tracye Paye, thirteen

Give every child a grandmother like mine. She may not be rich and famous, but she has enough love in her heart for her twenty-one grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and plenty more to spare. How many millionaires can say that?

Casey Singleton, eighteen

Make it so that kids don’t have to go through child abuse.

Kristen Hamilton, eleven

Make every capable person do one hour of community service per month. This would include cleaning up rubbish, bathing and feeding homeless people, and planting trees.

Trevor Burton, nineteen

Make sure that no one in the world is harmed because of their religion.

Pratima Neti, eleven

Stop child labor, which is unfortunately still going on in this world. Children deserve the right to live, and working at a very young age will not give you that freedom.

Jessilyn Yoo, twelve

Pay teachers more, because teachers are the foundation of all learning. Without teachers, the world would just be a useless space full of useless people.

Angela Rotchstein, fourteen

Make sure that everybody in the world is able to read. Reading is the world’s greatest gift for the mind and imagination.

Jessica Behles, fourteen

Have everybody just agree to disagree instead of fighting. After all, we are all different, and have our own ways; this is the spice of life.

Jill Ananda, fourteen

Plant the rainforests back all over the world, so that the trees will grow and the rivers will flow. I would bring back the animals that have died out, but without the dinosaurs!

Kyla Cangemi, ten

Make the world a happier place with no bombings or school shootings.

Chap Arst, thirteen

Show everyone the love that my adoptive mother showed me. I was angry at the world because I thought no one loved me or could ever love me. No one wanted a thirteen-year-old girl, but she came along and showed me that people could and do care about me. I would definitely give that to any person in this world. Love is all the world needs.

Mia Sifford, seventeen

Give every child a blanket, not only to keep them warm, but to snuggle with. We each need something to hold onto, and a fuzzy blanket would help keep away the problems of the world, if only for a moment or two.

Steve Hayden, thirteen

Let all the kids in the whole world know that they can succeed in anything that they put their heart into. There is always a solution for problems; you just have to look in your heart to find them.

Alysia Escalante, thirteen

Fix that hole in the ozone layer so the heat of the sun won’t kill us.

Nikole Pegues, eleven

Ask everyone in school to say one nice thing to another person every day. Have every family tell each other they love one another.

William Baun, twelve

Have people talk to each other and listen more, and make sure that everybody would have enough play time.

Neil Gogno, nine

Stop all the violence that is on TV, which is where people get the idea that it is okay to hurt or kill someone. When we were channel surfing, my stepmom and I saw seven guns and three acts of violence all in one minute; even my dog got scared!

Bethany Hicks, twelve

Want everyone to have at least one best friend that they could count on.

Andrea Hawsey, eleven

Create vehicles that would run on natural resource waste material to stop the pollution.

Rosie Huf, eleven

Get more clubs and activities going so that people would stay away from gangs, drugs and crimes.

Stacy Luebbe, fourteen

Bring back all our lost loved ones for a day.

Rita Koch, ten

Make sure that all children in the world can go to school, and have Chicken Soup books so they know that they aren’t alone.

Allison Opsitnick, twelve

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