Hey, Remember When?

Hey, Remember When?

From Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul

Hey, Remember When?

When I look back on my childhood I will always remember the bond and memories I have forged with my cousins. There are five of us, including my brother Jack, my cousins Marleigh, Weston and Michael, and myself that are particularly close. Every summer, since I was six or seven, I have spent time with them. Every summer, I bring home unforgettable memories that I know I will keep forever.

Each time I see my cousins, we play a game called, “Hey, remember when . . . ,” and we remember all the crazy things we’ve done in the past.

“Hey, remember when Jack ordered room service at the Disneyland Hotel right when we were about to leave? Aunt Pam got so mad that Jack had to pay for it, and we didn’t even get to eat the food!” Yeah, that was funny.

“Remember when Kyle lost at the game Spoons, and he had to sell plums on the street corner in a purple dress wearing a sign around his neck that said ‘Plum Boy’? Yeah, and the police helicopter and a patrol car showed up because some lady reported a suspicious guy hanging around on the corner soliciting for money?”

“Remember when Jack spent the entire weekend in Lake Tahoe trying to talk like Jim Carrey? No really, everything he said was straight out of a Jim Carrey movie.”

“Remember when we were at The Good Guys, and Weston decided to test the video camera that showed up on the big screens in the store by putting the camera down his pants? That totally got the attention of everyone in the store!”

“Remember when. . . ?” And it goes on like this for hours.

One summer the five of us were with our Aunt Kathi and Nana (our grandmother) in Palm Springs. During the day it was 115 degrees outside and the pool heated up to more than 100 degrees. So when it got really hot, we went to the coolest place around: the air-conditioned mall.

One day at the mall we went into a shop that sold home furnishings. One section of the store had two huge racks of pillows. Michael decided it would be fun if we buried him under all those beautiful new pillows. So, of course, we did. In less than two minutes, all of the pillows were off of the shelves and on top of Michael and he was no longer visible. We were all laughing and enjoying ourselves when we spotted an older lady who worked at the store coming our way. Immediately, the four of us quickly walked away, laughing to ourselves as the saleswoman started placing the pillows back on the shelves. Suddenly, Michael, thinking it was us, jumped out from under the pillows yelling really loudly, “Raaaahhhh!”

The saleswoman jumped about three feet into the air and screamed so loudly that everyone in the store stopped and looked at her. Michael, realizing his mistake, started running. Before I knew it, he was behind us yelling, “Go, go, go!” We were off to the races. The five of us ran out into the mall as the lady and Aunt Kathi, who had realized that we were in some sort of trouble, started towards us. We ran several stores down and ducked into Millers Outpost and pretended to be shopping.

When Aunt Kathi caught us, we all had to go back into the store, pick the pillows off the ground and place them back on the shelves. Most importantly, we had to apologize to the lady, who was not very pleased with us, nor our aunt and Nana, who were supposed to be in charge of us. The “pillow incident,” as we have come to call it, will always have its place in the “Hey, remember when?” game. I think we’ll be playing that game when we’re all old and sitting around in rocking chairs!

“Hey, remember when Michael had to go out in public in a one-piece woman’s bathing suit? . . . or how about the time that . . .?”

Kyle Brown, sixteen

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