My Little Superman

My Little Superman

From Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul

My Little Superman

I babysat a little boy several months ago,
When I’d say, “It’s bedtime,” he always pleaded, “No!”
I still remember everything we did so well,
I’d let him stay up late then whisper, “I won’t tell!”

We usually made cookies, or at least we’d try,
They would burn, and we’d laugh ’til we’d cry!
Movies, popcorn, pillow fights and Nintendo,
Beanie Babies were another favorite, from the ‘Ty’ Co.

His role model was Superman, how he loved him, too!
No one could’ve known what this boy would do.
He always brought joy into so many lives.
Why? Oh, why would he have to die?

He loved to play baseball, and sing in the choir,
But he had to give them up because his muscles would tire.
Still, he kept on smiling, through the pain, of course,
Even when he took a turn for the worse.

After treatments failed and several weeks went by
Home at last, he came . . . perhaps to die.
Family and friends brought a lot of gifts
And then one day my sister and I went over for a visit.

We watched one of his favorite movies, called Child’s Play.
The last time that I saw him was on that day.
Imagine yourself at ten years old meeting your fate.
His whole family was with him on this sad date.

They all hugged him and said not to be scared
They told stories and memories that they all had once
He is an angel now, in a much better place
And I doubt that anybody will ever forget his smiling face.

Now he is home, and at peace once more
How I wish that I could come once again to his door
I will not forget him, I don’t think I ever can
He was a real-life hero . . . my little Superman.

KeriAnne McCaffrey, fourteen

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