I Love You, Lindsey

I Love You, Lindsey

From Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul

I Love You, Lindsey

Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.

Faith Baldwin

My heart drooped as I forced my unwilling body into the car. It would be miles and miles until we reached our painful destination, where we would have to leave Brandy, my oldest sister. Brandy was leaving home to serve as a volunteer in the Americorps.

My dad revved the car engine and we left the house. Soon, the streets turned into highways, and we were closer to having to say good-bye with every mile. My heart continued to sink lower.

All of the bittersweet memories of growing up with my sister flowed into my brain . . . from when I was young and Brandy telling me that my troll was evil, to when I copied her every move because I admired her so much, to when the painful teenage years came and her life was too busy for her younger sister. The anger came back to me too: the anger that came when suddenly my life was too immature for hers.

I didn’t understand how come my old companion only talked to me when I did something wrong or when I annoyed her. Why did her new clothes make my childish apparel look babyish? These questions and many more stayed in my head.

Now I knew that my time with her was very limited. Throughout the ride she made wicked remarks that hurt, but this time I knew what they meant. They still hurt me even though I knew that this was the agonizing way that she pulled herself away from us, in preparation for her leaving us at last.

When we reached the place where Brandy was to stay, we did everything that we could to stall the painful goodbyes that awaited us, until all that was left were the goodbyes. The tears began to stream down my cheeks as she hugged me and told me the words that I hadn’t heard in a long time.

“I love you, Lindsey.”

I sobbed an answer in response. The family was all tears. We all piled into the car and pulled away. Brandy, still crying, turned her back and walked off. In that one moment, I loved her more than anything in the world. She looked like an adult as she walked away, but as the light from the headlight lit her face, I saw the little Brandy that still wanted to be my friend and still wanted to be a part of the family.

On the long drive home that night I felt as though I had left my heart with Brandy. I couldn’t imagine life without my big sister or the endless chatter that Brandy always supplied. Would life ever be the same?

It has taken some time, but now I know that life goes on, even though Brandy isn’t here. She is always with me because a part of her is in me and always will be.

Lindsey Rawson, twelve

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