Two Dedicated Grandmas

Two Dedicated Grandmas

From Chicken Soup for the Grandma's Soul

Two Dedicated Grandmas

A laugh is worth one hundred groans in any market.

Charles Lamb

Who would have ever imagined they’d do such a thing?

Joel, my son, was celebrating his fourth birthday. Our family and friends gathered at the local Discovery Zone to party. After pizza and presents, it was time to play.

The kids crawled into the ball pen, where they literally swam through hundreds of balls. A large tunnel wound up and around the building. One by one, children crawled up and through the tunnel and traveled down its slide, shooting out the end straight into the sea of balls.

I never saw them make their move, finding their way into the balls. I didn’t even see them enter the tunnel that climbed up to the top of the slide.

But I heard them!

My head turned. It couldn’t be . . . they couldn’t have!

But they had!

My jaw dropped as I looked up and saw Grandma Mary Lou and Grandma Joyce on all fours, cramped inside the tunnel at the top of the slide.

“You go first,” Grandma Mary Lou insisted.

“Well, I have to!” Grandma Joyce replied. “You couldn’t get around me if you wanted too!”

And then giggles and laughter, like that of schoolgirls, streamed out of the tunnel . . . but no grandmas followed.

I maneuvered closer and positioned my camera, getting the perfect picture of two dedicated grandmas in ever-so-compromising positions.

“Are you gonna go?” I asked while looking up the tube. “You two are holding up the line.”

Within seconds, Grandma Joyce made a splash as she flew down and out the tunnel and was buried beneath the balls.

“Are you okay? Lady, are you okay,” a bystander asked.

I held my post and looked up into the tunnel again. Instead of shwooshing down the slide as Grandma Joyce did, Grandma Mary Lou sought a more sophisticated way. With her appendages spread-eagled and securely pressed against the sides of the tunnel, she sought to inch her way down the slide. Her body shook with laughter. Several children, strangers and family members, stood watching to see the last grandma propel from the slide. Wanting to savor the moment, I took more pictures of Grandma Joyce wading through balls and Grandma Mary Lou struggling to maintain somewhat of a ladylike position while contorting down the slide.

Within minutes, two grandmas emerged from the ball pen. Immediately, they headed directly to the little girls room, no doubt to gather their senses and pull themselves together. I marveled at them as they passed me. Grandma Mary Lou and Grandma Joyce, truly two dedicated grandmas— and certainly the life of the party!

Janet Lynn Mitchell

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